Marketing and information

male wheelchair user at interactive display
Photo courtesy of VisitBritain

Workshops, toolkits and best practice guidance for businesses.

Marketing to disabled people should entail no greater cost or effort than for any other customer market.

But as with all marketing you need to undertand your target segments and tailor your messages accordingly. How do disabled travellers find you? Are you advertising in the right media? Using the right promotions? When they find you is your information accurate and accessible? What about your website? Do you accurately represent what you offer?




A toolkit can be a useful checklist for businesses when implementing targeted marketing. Check out this toolkit we helped produce for South West Tourism. We authored the marketing toolkit for VisitEngland 'Speak Up!' to help SMEs improve their marketing to disabled travellers, published in 2013.



we run workshops for marketing and IT managers, tourist information managers, destination and town centre managers, visitor services managers and business development managers. All marketing workshops are tailor made to the audience and usually last 2 or 3 hours. A workshop could cover:

This session will give you the confidence to reach out to a valuable new market. It will help you assess your strengths and weaknesses and draw up clear plans for providing information and marketing to disabled people.  

Best practice guidance

Research by VisitEngland in March 2012 revealed that 83% of people looking for access information to plan a trip use destination websites. But only 1 in 3 (39%) feel it is easy to find this information.

In response to this, Access New Business was asked by VisitEngland to develop guidelines for destination managers helping them to make their destination websites more accessible. The result is 'Winning More Visitors'


From the front line
'I feel much more confident about advertising our facilities now.' Samantha-Lee Breese from Bailbrook House Hotel near Bath, after a workshop in 2010.