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Destination audits

image of jigsawDestination auditing - complete the jigsaw

It only takes one break in the customer journey – one piece missing from the jigsaw - and your destination becomes inaccessible.

Access New Business has experience working around the UK and Europe, being asked by towns, cities and regions to help them become accessible. We have recently audited Birmingham, Stratford on Avon and Winchester. 

Destinations are complex entities and auditing, by its very nature, is a thorough business. Our approach is as systematic as you can get without the need for employing hundreds of people to collect mountains of information that will never ever see the light of day.

Our destination audit will help identify:

Sector specific audits

If required we can also provide detailed audits on any element of the destination for example:

For example, over the last two years we have reviewed access across a range of attractions, shopping malls, restaurants and related facilities at ten destinations. These destinations - Birmingham, Brighton & Hove, Bath, Lincoln, Leicestershire, Margate, Newcastle Gateshead, Northumberland, Nottimgham and Peak District and Derbyshire   - formed the basis of the recent VisitEngland accessible tourism marketing campaigns. See the Brighton & Hove case study.

Please contact us to talk about your destination and what sectors in particular you would like audited.

Here is an example of the Access Audit on the Brighton & Hove City Council website, developed on the basis of our work there.